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Caffeine. Books. Silver Ballet Flats.

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Dispatches from Zumba

- less neon this week. And just when I decided to wear a bright color.

- the fittest person in class is always the meanest person in class.

- there’s a man here. I don’t like that.

- Q. what shouldn’t Emily have eaten before Zumba this week? A. Caramel popcorn

- people keep wearing these athletic skirts and I don’t understand them at all. And I wear skirts every day.

- I need like 5 sports bras for all this bouncing.

- where are the slow jams?

- not here yet.

- the person in front of you is never doing it right, unless you’re behind the very first row.

- dear god keep me as far away from the first row as possible

- that’s where the mean fit girl lives.

- they need spit buckets for Zumba. You bounce too much to drink a lot but your mouth gets SO DRY

- slow jams yet?

- slow jams.

- The Last Dance. There’s no clocks in here. I appreciate these musical cues.

- my instructors, who are a couple, must be amazing in bed, based on their synchronicity.

- they use the end of the song to further prove this to us.

- time to go read a book! Bye, y’all.